Guarana Detox Foot Patch + Metabolism Boost (14 Pack)

Guarana Detox Foot Patch + Metabolism Boost (14 Pack)

NAC, Potent Anti-oxidant from Vesuvio

NAC, Potent Anti-oxidant from Vesuvio

Lavender Detox Foot Patch + Sleep Aid (14 Pack)

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Lavender Detox

Lavender Detox Foot Patches + Sleep Aid are used to rid the body of harmful toxins. They work while you sleep by activating sweat glands to achieve full body and mind well-being through detoxification. Using centuries-old traditional Asian knowledge and all-natural herbal ingredients that have stood the test of time.



Bamboo Vinegar – Removes toxins and waste through the sweat of the pores. Promotes digestion and removes foul odours.

Chitosan – Works at isolating and removing the toxins in the body safely. This ingredient is also widely used to treat burns and skin inflammation.

Caution: This ingredient is shellfish and although it is not taken internally those with a shellfish allergy should be cautious of irritation.

Dextrin – A fibre based ingredient which works as a carrier to enhance all the other ingredients. It is what is used to help bind all the other ingredient together and absorb all the toxins which need to be carried out.

Plant Powder – this is a wood vinegar which works as an antibacterial and removes odours while absorbing moisture, sweat and waste from the feet.

Tourmaline – a precious metal which works by improving the detoxification process by strengthening your liver.

Vitamin C – Assist with the detox due to the ascorbic acid element found in Vitamin C. A strong antioxidant which also boosts immunity.

Lavender – To assist with calm and sleep.



1) Peel adhesive backing paper off foot pad

2) Apply sticky side down to the centre/arch area of the sole of your foot. (Be sure that feet are clean and dry before applying).

3) Press firmly to secure pad to your foot.

4) Leave on for 6 – 8 hours while sleeping.

5) Repeat on the other foot.

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